Thursday, July 28, 2011


1927 was an interesting year in regard these clippings that generally discuss the Aboriginal people of the Canberra area around the time of European settlement. This clipping is an addition to the following 1927 dated posts The Canberra Blacks - Canberra Blacks - Canberra Blacks the Lost Tribe - First White Woman Healing the Blacks

I am not trying to be derogatory when referencing the term 'Black' in these articles just historically accurate. These clippings are representative of 20th century attitudes that I think we need a reminder of sometimes. The Aboriginal people being discussed in this clipping however are of course the Ngambri and I find it interesting that at the start of the article Bluett notes:

"The old people call it (Canberra) Canbrey, with the accent on the 'Can'. When writing of their early days they spell it 'Canbrey' or 'Canbury.' Undoubtedly the name is Aboriginal for the local settlers knew the local blacks as the Kamberry tribe."

A little difficult at times because of the quality of the images but still a fascinating read...

The Sydney Morning Herald - Saturday 21 May 1927


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