Saturday, May 9, 2015

Last Post

The time has finally come..

I started this blog as a curiosity in Social media 5 years ago. Unfortunately in the Authors opinion it has finally reached its use by date. I thought anyone who does, has or checks in with my posts deserved an explanation rather than a feed that simply stopped.

The direction I am now heading in requires renewal and the personal purpose of recording a journey through life in Canberra has for me been exhausted. All up the blog is a bipolar collection of over 650 posts covering many topics but most with a heritage and history bent.

The blog saw (to date) nearly 700,000 views with a monthly traffic of extremes ranging from 6000 - 28000 and going by those numbers I think a few people found my collection of Canberra trivia informative and interesting over the years.

This has actually come as a bit of an epiphany and I have acted swiftly though it has been a recurring thought for several months. To be honest I'm more a microblogger being on Twitter most days and contactable by family & friends on facebook.

If I'm going to write anything I think is substantial it will be published on other's websites or on my new site. I have chosen to change platform for writing although Blogger has been a stout app. I'm also in a space with my birds where I ponder more and tend to write longer if I see a worthwhile argument.
So I'm not dead. I'll happily chat on Twitter at @D_R_Reid

But as for writing I have switched to Wordpress for anything I feel the urge to pen. I'm not yet aware of its social capabilities, it may prove an interesting new platform.

David R Reid - Wordpress

So thanks again it's been an interesting ride. I'll be leaving the Dave's ACT blog up until the Google Algorithm deems it irrelevant.

Cheers Dave.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Honest History piece

I was asked to write something for the excellent website Honest History.

It's my thoughts on the forgotten wars of colonial expansion between European settlers and the First People's of Australia.

Reconciliation please but don't mention the war.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Housing development west of the Murrumbidgee

Moves to begin housing development west of the Murrumbidgee River seem to be travelling quite quickly.

I've always thought eventually the properties there would be resumed when the population warranted and the North and South filled.

NCA to report on urban development west of Tuggeranong.

Commonwealth agrees to relinquish planning control from National Capital Authority in Canberra.

Housing west of Tuggeranong likely in the long term, says ACT boss Andrew Bar.

Interestingly my family moved into the brand new Woden Valley suburb of Pearce in 1966. I watched the expanse of Tuggeranong develop and now suspect in a decade to watch the development across the Bidgee. However gauging from my Twitter friends not all are happy with these developments.

The population isn't getting smaller. The debate will be interesting.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Restoring an Eco-system

An ambitious project has been launched at Scottsdale Reserve which is about 4 kms from Bredbo South of Canberra. Established by an organisation Bush Heritage Australia it's one of the most worthwhile projects I've heard of in a long time.

Ten-year plan to combat Australia's extinction crisis launched south of Canberra.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Defining the Nation

Something that's been irking me. I'm afraid I'm getting a bit ANZACed out. The notion that the failed Galipoli Campaign defined the Nation, that 8 months, 2 weeks & 1 day trumps every other Australian historical experience is almost jingoistic.

I'm going to be blunt. What defined us before Gallipoli and indeed before federation was the 112 year frontier war enforcing Terra nullius with muskets, poison and massacres. You can add the historical timeline of colonial expansion that grew to make Australia a pastoral powerhouse, add convict labour and the gold rushes but what brought us to federation was riding on the sheep's back & the White Australia policy.

Federation defined us as a nation. Gallipoli was an Australian action of war 15 years later which, although deserving observation, by venerating it as Nation Defining denies a tapestry of history, both glorious and brutal, that produced the men that stormed the peninsula beaches.

It's almost as if Gallipoli washed away exploration, expansion and the war against the original People's. I've heard squeaks for the Australian War Memorial to acknowledge the frontier wars but I don't actually agree with this.

I see as far more appropriate a dedicated place be created. A place of learning and history forming a memorial, museum and cultural repository for the Nation.

One of the documented corroboree grounds in Canberra by chance still exists despite the filling of Lake Burley Griffin. Today it is a peninsula of Black Mountain (originally Black's Mountain) and is adopted today as a recreational park.

I've long thought a memorial was necessary but when I heard of the dire state of saving old indigenous films and recordings through lack of funding and facilities in a race against time I understood the need for a national institution.

So when we have finished commemorating every centennial battle anniversary of World War One till 2018 perhaps people could throw the equivalent of the centennial celebrations costs toward something just as representative of defining the nation. Perhaps the politically incorrect gargoyles at the War Memorial, seemingly unwanted amongst the flora and fauna, could be an exhibit in my proposed Indigenous memorial/museum/repository. 'On your left.. aboriginal representation circa 1940's Australia."

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Simply Doves 2015

It's been pretty quiet apart from Federal politics so A blatant plug for my Daughter's Dove Release business.

The Doves annual moult is finishing up so I have been informed that bookings will be available post 15/3/15. This is a growing Canberra business that becomes more popular the more it gets known.

I like birds but what the girls do with their birds at functions and celebrations is pretty stunning.

Simply Doves Website

Or their Facebook Page

Simply Doves Canberra

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


I made a comment a few weeks ago on Twitter saying that Anzackery keeps the platoons filled.

David Stephens from the Honest History website asked me to submit an article expanding on my thoughts. It was published today.

Anzackery - A personal view