Sunday, October 26, 2014

Search for the cave on Black Mountain

This is an update to a search for the now mythical cave on Black Mountain Canberra. Researched and written by Dave Wheeler, Author of 'A Canberra Boy'.

The most tantalising clue to the caves existence is an inclusion in John Gales Book.

I have deleted my original copy since Dave's subsequent update. It's a fascinating search and his research is tantalising.

Dave Wheeler's Search for the cave on Black Mountain

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pigeons on Instagram

Not a Canberra related post.

A few days ago I decided to upload a few photos from my iPhone to Instagram. Mostly of my racing pigeons and doves. After tagging the photos with pigeon racing related hashtags I discovered an amazing world of pigeon racers and fanciers.

What is particularly interesting was most of the new followers speak and write Arabic. I had no idea that pigeon racing & fancy breeding was so popular in the Middle East.

They say a picture paints a thousand words and the like button and the thumbs up symbol seem to cross the language barriers and the pigeon liberations in desert scenes are outstanding. Also interesting is the promotion over there of European bloodlines. It seems Belgium still exports a lot of birds.

If there was one thing I would suggest to the Instagram app's development would be a built in translator. Probably because I am there for the birds not the politics.

My Instagram account is named DRR63 and can be found at

Probably won't be of any interest to you unless you particularly like birds. It does however contain my first ever, and probably last ever, selfie if you want to know what I look like.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The name of Canberra's Lake

Lake Burley Griffin is turning 50.

I remember my mothers tale of my arrival at the Old Canberra hospital on a stormy night when the flooded Molonglo River nearly saw my birth at Duntroon. Her reminiscence of the views in 1963 of the new lake filling from the hospitals windows were inspiring.

Debate has today erupted after 50 years sparked today by a Canberra Times Article - New wave of debate over name change of Lake Burley Griffin.

For the record and not that I've pondered it too deeply, have always thought Burley Griffin was hyphenated. Apparently it's not. The giveaway for me should have been his wife's name, Marion Griffin, obviously lacking a Burley.

I'm not going to enter into the debate which I expect will be a vigorous one. Lake Griffin? Lake Menzies? If I was to offer a suggestion we should name it Lake Onyong.