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The Lodge on the Lake competition

I was interested to see that an image I had on a post about the Attunga Point Quarry on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin was being referenced in the University of Canberra's Lodge on the Lake competition. I wish I had taken a better photo of the rockface but I was out on a walk and only had a 3MP camera with me.

Everything I know of an historical nature can be found here but I will link to the competition website which has the full details and re-post the wet and windy images I have from 2010 along with a map.... I think a new Lodge in Canberra would be very exciting. I hope they are adventurous...

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A wartime plane crash or crash landing on Mount Ainslie

UPDATE: Please note this is not the 1940 Canberra Air Disaster near Fairbairn.
UPDATE:8/6/13 New post. The Mystery is solved.
I research several old tales and rumours from Canberra's past, Its a hobby. Recently one old tale was raised by a friend, Dave Wheeler and it is even more interesting when an old report is backed by some physical evidence. We are both interested in discovering the circumstances...

The following is written by Dave Wheeler who can be contacted via his blog

My maternal uncle, the late Bill Guard the 3rd, was born in September of 1930 at Nurse Johnston’s Private Hospital in Queanbeyan. If a child could survive The Depression 1930 was a good time to be born, as it meant being too young to go to WW2 but old enough to enjoy the post war boom years where we had virtually 100% employment, affordable housing and little or no congestion.

Uncle Bill was the son of a sign writer, the late Bill Guard the 2nd, who was a well-known ident…

The Rummery's Hill Spotted Quoll

A mate of mine in Glen Innes lives on a 100 acre wildlife corridor he has set up as a sanctuary. We chit chat on different issues via YouTube which is his only way of interacting on the internet via his older style mobile phone. He lives on solar, does not own a computer and to understand why you would need to watch his channel.

He sent me a video this morning which I thought was very encouraging for the Spotted- Tailed Quoll. It was thought generally to be extinct in his area. Apparently it is only quasi-so. A recent road kill, although sad, indicates there is still a breeding population living in the area...

That's great for the Quoll in general and I'm hoping it is an event caused by increasing density moreso than a one off sad event. I haven't been able to capture one on remote camera yet in Namadgi. But this is encouraging.

The Australian Anti-bullying Register

I'm old enough now to admit I suffered terrible bullying at a unit in QLD in 1981. Bullying and bullies have been around a long time in the workplace. I think back to my time as a young soldier and remember with nagging memories situations I endured over 30 years ago, memories that still come back to haunt me.  In my day they called it bastardization and they were pros at it. The people that dished it out, and were supported at all levels, truly were bastards…

Solutions, where are the solutions… I would like to bring an initiative of Miracles Australia Inc. to people’s notice and attention. Miracles Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting research into Psychological Complex Trauma. I had never heard of PCT and certainly didn't know there were studying it...

Anyway… they have Advocacy services, fund research and all kinds of stuff but what I am interested in most is they run a few programs aimed at combating bullying in the workplace. What impressed me the most a…

Suspected Smoky Mouse 2

This is the second time that I suspect that I had captured a rare Smoky Mouse on camera in Namadgi. The first time was in the same location. The capture before was only 2 images as the suspect crossed a fallen branch and these captures were taken from not far away on a fire trail blackberry patch.
I can't confirm this animal as a Smoky Mouse... the pictures are suspicious but far from conclusive but I have identified its habitat and some of its food sources so I am only limited now by the quality of my equipment. Chance plays a large part but location... location seems to be the rule. I will note the obvious absence of feral animals this time around whereas 18 months ago the area was infested.
The series of 11 photos were taken at 30 second intervals at 1.20 am 23/2/13. They show the eye shine of the animal as it moves between the brambles and I have enlarged and cropped the last frame. Anyway... I think I am getting a little closer...  -

Capturing final moments of Canberra's old Cotter Dam

From the ACTEW YouTube Channel...

Published on Mar 7, 2013 This film captures the Enlarged Cotter Dam's first days of service with some perfectly timed rain just before Canberra's 100th birthday. ACTEW Water Project Manager Ray Hezkial takes us onto the new wall crest and down to say farewell to the old wall. Ray offers some personal reflections and insights into the project and what it has meant for the many people involved in its design and construction.

[Documentary maker Richard Snashall works with ACTEW Water to help us capture and document the Enlarged Cotter Dam and other water security projects for our Heritage Archive.]


The Yowie - Myth, legend or real

I was asked recently for information on the mythical Australian Yowie by someone on YouTube and instead of spending hours writing something made a video in his favourite medium today. It went a bit long, 20 mins, Truthfully I am actually trying to improve my public speaking skills.

As for the question of what I know about yowies I have researched the phenomena, off and on, for 2 years. I started by getting sucked in by local historical clippings, met a lot of people along the way and found the modern happenings quite fascinating. There is more to the story than we currently know. Maybe someone with the appropriate scientific qualifications should look into that.

The researcher mentioned in the video:

Prepare for an interesting few hours.

Historic De Salis Cemetery restoration complete

The ACT Government today announced...
Historic De Salis Cemetery restoration completeReleased 01/03/2013 The ACT heritage-listed De Salis Cemetery, located on the banks of the majestic Murrumbidgee River at Tharwa, has been returned to the community after the completion of extensive restoration works, Manager of Operations, National Park and Catchments, Brett McNamara, said today. "The De Salis Cemetery is a rare example of a 19thcentury pastoral station cemetery. It is of unique construction, comprising a raised circular terrace with walls of local stone," Mr McNamara said. "During severe storms in December 2010 and January 2011 the stone wall of the cemetery collapsed as the earth subsided. The walls continued collapsing due to recurring heavy rain in 2012 and the presence of wombats burrowing under the site. "Staff from ACT Parks and Conservation Service, ACT Heritage Unit and construction contractors have rebuilt and restored the walls using the collapsed ston…