Monday, March 11, 2013

Suspected Smoky Mouse 2

This is the second time that I suspect that I had captured a rare Smoky Mouse on camera in Namadgi. The first time was in the same location. The capture before was only 2 images as the suspect crossed a fallen branch and these captures were taken from not far away on a fire trail blackberry patch.

I can't confirm this animal as a Smoky Mouse... the pictures are suspicious but far from conclusive but I have identified its habitat and some of its food sources so I am only limited now by the quality of my equipment. Chance plays a large part but location... location seems to be the rule. I will note the obvious absence of feral animals this time around whereas 18 months ago the area was infested.

The series of 11 photos were taken at 30 second intervals at 1.20 am 23/2/13. They show the eye shine of the animal as it moves between the brambles and I have enlarged and cropped the last frame. Anyway... I think I am getting a little closer...

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