Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Rummery's Hill Spotted Quoll

A mate of mine in Glen Innes lives on a 100 acre wildlife corridor he has set up as a sanctuary. We chit chat on different issues via YouTube which is his only way of interacting on the internet via his older style mobile phone. He lives on solar, does not own a computer and to understand why you would need to watch his channel.

He sent me a video this morning which I thought was very encouraging for the Spotted- Tailed Quoll. It was thought generally to be extinct in his area. Apparently it is only quasi-so. A recent road kill, although sad, indicates there is still a breeding population living in the area...

That's great for the Quoll in general and I'm hoping it is an event caused by increasing density moreso than a one off sad event. I haven't been able to capture one on remote camera yet in Namadgi. But this is encouraging.

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