Friday, July 8, 2011


I read a thread on a local forum suggesting that it was a ridiculous idea it being possible to ever snow in Canberra. Simply not the case. I can remember it snowing several times and I don't think I have travelled the Brindabella Road without driving through at least ice sleet at some stage during winter. In Canberra itself it is a fairly rare event but it does snow occasionally.

Anyway... a collection of news clippings spanning 30 years with reports of snow in Canberra and crossing the Brindabella Ranges with the first claiming the heaviest falls for Canberra in 42 years. I make that 1887...

The Canberra Times - Monday 29 July 1929

As for that drive over the Brindabella Road the heaviest falls since the turn of the century...

The Canberra Times - Friday 16 August 1929

An earlier tale of travelling the road in the snow. At least I do it in the comfort of a 4wd...

Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer - Friday 22 August 1919

And if not Canberra in 1941 at least Mount Ainslie...

Examiner - Wednesday 6 August 1941

Ten years later still seems to be snowing even if lightly...

The Canberra Times - Monday 7 July 1952

So if it does snow don't be all that surprised perhaps.

And best quote of the day... "Ald. 'Tom' says it was as tough a bit of work as he has done since he tried to auction a line of prayer books to a crowd of rabbiters."


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