Saturday, February 5, 2011


A historical reminiscence of the Aboriginal tribes of the #Canberra region during the 19th century from a man named Samuel Shumack when writing to the editor of the Herald newspaper. Shumack first came to the 'Limestone Plains' in 1856 and relates the experiences of earlier settlers he had met in regards to Aboriginal numbers, movements and warfare...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 11 June 1927

For more information on the Aboriginal Chief Onyong I have a post here

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  1. A very interesting post, thank you.
    The description of the battle seems typical, more bravado, a show of skill rather than a purpose to kill.

  2. I think by this time traditional resources where depleted because of the European settlement and expansion. It was a critical time for those people. I think enough force was probably used to settle the dispute.


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