Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Apparently Black Mountain in Canberra was once home to giant Wombats. I found this series of newspaper clippings reporting the discovery of a 9 inch long prehistoric Diprotodon tooth. These ancient marsupials were the size of an elephant.

The tooth was unearthed  whilst excavating for the Commonwealth Entomological Building in 1929 at the base of Black Mountain. Diprotodons are thought to have become extinct around 50,000 years ago and several theories for their demise include climate change, human hunting and native land management practices. All the major newspapers published a small report on the find...

The Mercury - 27 August 1929

The Argus - 27 August 1929

The Register News-Pictorial - 27 August 1929

The Sydney Morning Herald - 27 August 1929

The West Australian - 27 August 1929

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