Thursday, April 14, 2011


If your living in the northern suburbs of Canberra towards the Village of Hall in the ACT you could be literally sitting on a gold mine. This newspaper clipping is about a local gold rush in 1896. The exact location isn't mentioned but the Hall District covered a wide area. Interestingly the initial prospects were so good that "They talked of a second Coolgardie and Bendigo."

Queanbeyan Age - 10 October 1896

Nothing much must have occurred however by way of mining and they must have had incredibly short memories because 30 years later gold was 'discovered' again...

Barrier Miner - 30 August 1927

They certainly did keep it a good secret. There doesn't seem to be any other reported mentions of this great Gold Rush after 1927 but am thinking a visit to the local creeks with a gold pan might be in order.

Map of Hall

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