Saturday, September 28, 2019

A night in the Deua National Park

Back from a night spent at the Deua National Park. We started off exploring Monga National Park from the Braidwood end but found one access road was blocked by a big muddy bog which on inspection with a stick determined it was too soft to try and cross. So we backtracked and headed off to Deua.

The campground was deserted, small with 3 firepits and a long drop toilet. We were visited by a local ranger who collected $6 camp fees and stopped for a yarn and to remind us of the NSW National Parks fireban which is expected to extend to March 2020. So a cold camp it was.

The next morning we reterned to Monga and visited a place called Penance Grove. It consists of a wet forest Gully containg towering plumwood trees said to be an ancient remnant of when Australia was still conected to the prehistoric landmass of Gondwana.

You could feel the temprature drop as you climb the viewing boardwalk to be surrounded by these ancient trees interspersed with tree ferns and moss. Beautiful place.

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