Friday, October 25, 2013

Creek Gully

Above is my single capture from a recent trail camera setting in the proposed extension to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve on Corin Road. If you can pick it, it is the tail and hind leg of a feral fox motoring down the track...

Last Sunday I set the camera in what seemed to me to be just a track up a mountain gully with a small permanent creek. Worthy of a poke at seeing if there might be any quolls about so I selected a section close to the creek for four nights. Unfortunately it was quite windy over that time and the camera recorded 205 photographs and a corresponding number of 30 second videos of mostly false activations from moving foliage.

When I returned to pick up the camera I could see people perched on a rock feature in the distance and I pondered how long it would take them to get up there. When I checked the SD card I discovered how long...

Still dealing with health issues. My adventures at present are limited to some healthy walking.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Return to Country - Indigenous archaeology at Cotter Dam

From ACTEW youtube

Published on Oct 13, 2013

This 15 minute film looks back at the Indigenous archaeological program undertaken at the site of the new Cotter Dam between 2008 and 2013, with the eventual return to country of many sacred artefacts.

[Documentary maker Richard Snashall works with ACTEW Water to help us capture and document the Enlarged Cotter Dam and other water security projects for our Heritage Archive.]



Wednesday, October 9, 2013

360 degree view from Mount Gudgenby

Another wonderful 360 degree view. This time from atop Mount Gudgenby in the ACT. John Evans describes a circular tour of features in the landscape. Amazing knowledge and memory...



Thursday, October 3, 2013

Corin Road nature

I haven’t been out much recently as I have been dealing with a few health issues and I'm trying hard to stop smoking. Only anecdotal I know but as a 17 year old soldier ‘smoko’ was a section ritual and in those days of barstardization the few non-smokers were instructed to pick up butts during the break. Anyway a hard habit to break…

It was my intent earlier in the week to set a trail camera and some recording equipment near Punchbowl Creek but the Corin Dam Road was closed at Wood’s Reserve because of a rockslide further on. The fellow manning the blockade informed me it was a substantial fall that may take a few weeks to clear.

Not so much from the boulders now situated on the road but for the future landslides they still support.  This is the second rock slide in what appears to be the same section of road in the past 18 months. Seems an occurrence whenever there is heavy rain.

A disappointing trip but I took a minutes video where we turned around. A bit of Corin Road nature…

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History lost through lack of funding

  The following ABC article laments the possible loss of many historical audio visual records that are waiting for digitising into modern fo...