Thursday, October 25, 2018

Westlake and the Scar Tree - Stirling Ridge

A walk today up Stirling Ridge in the Canberra diplomatic suburbia of Yarralumla. I am slowly revisiting sites of documented Indigenous heritage that I know of for a fellow researching the Yuin and Peoples of the surrounding area. These sites are ones that I haven't seen since 2010-12 so any changes in 2018 should be evident.

We met up at the site of the old Westlake Settlement where the early construction of Canberra's workers were housed.. There is new signage since I was last there which I think is appropriate and informative.

The walk starts above the old settlement and continues climbing (easy) past an original Canberra sewer vent with a wafting aroma for a few metres.

As for the scar trees on my short visit I could only relocate one. This doesn't mean the others are gone just that I have a short memory.

Another suburban expedition will be launched on the appropriately weathered day.

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