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Archaeological dig on Springbank Island

Springbank Island in Lake Burley Griffin wasn't always an island.

It was the original high ground on the Molonglo River floodplain that is now Canberra's centrepiece water feature and beyond its association with local Aboriginal culture was also the site of a pioneer homestead called Springbank.

The Canberra Times has an interesting article about an upcoming archaeological survey of the island hoping to uncover the secrets of its past.

A little info I wrote up a few years ago..


How a homestead became an island.

Now mostly underneath the water of Lake Burley Griffin sits the first rural property in today's Australian Capital Territory. In October 1831 John MacPherson (1833 - 1894) (bio here) was granted 640 acres (258 hectares) of river flats of the Molonglo River and Black Mountain plus a large portion now occupied by the Australian National…