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Elm Grove's next stage

Reading in the Sydney Morning Herald about the next stage in the long history of Elm Grove. Restored Canberra property to host weddings. For those looking for a unique venue with a lot of character this is some information I compiled a few years ago on the history of the property along with a Richard Snashall video compiled in his series the Stakeout of Canberra...

Bordering today's northern suburbs of Canberra is a working remnant of Canberra's pastoral history, "Elm Grove". This fine merino wool property was established by James Gillespie next to his parents 1852 property "Horse Park" when he and his wife Isabella built a timber cottage on Portion 186 Parish of Goorooyarroo in 1882.

James was a well known personality in the Ginninderra district and he was involved in the establishment of the nearby Mulligan's Flat School (post here). He also wrote a regular news article titled "Ginninderra Notes" for the Goulburn Evening Penny Post under th…

ACTEW Graffiti

ACTEW Water's Youtube channel have a couple of impressive time lapse videos of Canberra infrastructure being given a make over with some art. Thanks Graffik.

"The Yamba Drive Water Pump Station gets a makeover from our friend Graffik. Amazing before and after shots of the Pump Station."

"The City West emergency sewer storage facility gets a make-over from our friend Graffik. Some excellent footage of before and after."

Simply Doves

Blatant plug for my Daughters' fledgling ceremonial Dove Release business..

I'm very proud of them. As young Canberra entrepreneurs they discovered a rewarding niche market, developed the supply and infrastructure & created a self supplying micro-business without any outside funding.

They plodded along with little reward and developed a flock of 'squeakers' I had bred for them and they trained the birds to fly from anywhere in Canberra. The flock is healthy and easily fit to fly the lazy 20 or 30 kilometres from the extremities of the city or anywhere in the Australian Capital Territory needing a ceremonial release excluding Peregrine falcon territory west of the Murrumbidgee River. (Namadgi).

It's been a 12 month road for them that has seen their working flock grow enough for more frequent and larger releases servicing weddings, funerals, functions & events. This has required dedicated and consistent training regimes and many unpaid hours of care and patienc…

Canberra's first Solar Farm goes live

Bit of technological history in the making. The 1st solar farm for Canberra goes live tomorrow.

The Royalla farm sports 83,000 panels and the opening will be attended by the Spanish Foreign Minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo.

A second farm looks likely to be approved at Hume consisting of 53,000 panels. The Canberra Times has an interesting piece on the project. Canberra's second solar farm poised for approval as the first goes live.