Friday, December 26, 2014

New Years, Pigeon Club, Doves & Canberra Politics

Thought I'd blog.

Spending the break before New Years contemplating focus on the coming twelve months. It will be important politically for Canberra this year but I'll get to that..

Apart from the mundane my hobby is developing. This is the first year I'll be pitting my racing pigeons against the club flyers in Canberra which is a bit daunting when you see the dedication of the people in the Canberra Racing Pigeon Club.

People in the club have suggested I race my whites for a while. In fact the club has a dedicated 'white race' from Garlargambone NSW, a distance of over 500 km. My breeding stock are Busschaerts. An English racing strain. So the season should be interesting.

So.. The coming year will be interesting. I'd like to see a bit more attention shown towards the Canberra Racing Club. It really is a well run show with over 40 flying members willing to help new flyers & providing the catalyst for some great racing & social events.

My other interest is two of my daughter's developing Dove Release service. Interestingly Canberra people seem to have embraced the concept and more than just for the traditional wedding and funeral.

I was surprised to hear of the popularity with older couples releasing a pair of doves whilst renewing their vows. All up along with flock event releases sentiment seems to be the attracting factor.

Please support them on social media @SimplyDoves

This year will also see the most important political happening to occur to this town since the establishment of self government. I wait with anticipation on the distribution of our existing three electorates to five. Combined with an expanded 25 member Assembly we will see excitement not seen since the heady days of the Sun Ripened Warm Tomato Party.

I think the key elements will be the demographic carve up of what has become in my lifetime quite a sprawling city. A trip from the deep dark bogun South to visit the grandkids in the far off wilds of Gungahlin yesterday by the mile crossed all three of the established electorates. New and old it will be quite a carve up.

Anyway.. It'll be interesting & I'm sure there'll be plenty of comment from the political boffins on the pros and cons for the future politicians throwing their hat into the ring when the electorates are announced.

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