Thursday, September 4, 2014

Simply Doves

Blatant plug for my Daughters' fledgling ceremonial Dove Release business..

I'm very proud of them. As young Canberra entrepreneurs they discovered a rewarding niche market, developed the supply and infrastructure & created a self supplying micro-business without any outside funding.

They plodded along with little reward and developed a flock of 'squeakers' I had bred for them and they trained the birds to fly from anywhere in Canberra. The flock is healthy and easily fit to fly the lazy 20 or 30 kilometres from the extremities of the city or anywhere in the Australian Capital Territory needing a ceremonial release excluding Peregrine falcon territory west of the Murrumbidgee River. (Namadgi).

It's been a 12 month road for them that has seen their working flock grow enough for more frequent and larger releases servicing weddings, funerals, functions & events. This has required dedicated and consistent training regimes and many unpaid hours of care and patience but they can now openly service a Canberra market 7 days a week during daylight hours with a reliable, professional service.

The business is called 'Simply Doves' because that's all they do. No butterflies or balloon releases which, after loss & deflation, harm wildlife. Just pure white beautiful doves.

They have a website

One release they have planned in a few weeks interests me. A promotional photo shoot at the National Arboretum. A release of 20 birds with the function centre as a backdrop. Mystery releasor. Should be some interesting photographs. I'd say it's never been done there before.

If there's one thing that gives the girls' birds an advantage over some operators is the quality of the birds. I bred them from interstate racing stock. All the parents are Australian registered racing birds. Their offspring could fly from Bourke as sure as Belconnen.

I wish the girls the best. Personally I'll stick to breeding my racers. Mixing European imports with (suspected) old Australian racing breeds. It's about developing a family of fast birds. I have hopes for this fine fellow. I'm a bit like Darwin. I find the breeds mixed colour variations interesting but it's all in the genes whether they are fast or not.