Thursday, June 5, 2014

ACT Doves

It's satisfying to know that something you enjoy doing, a hobby so to speak, has a value and a market.

For me this has turned out to be pigeons. Not road peckers mind. These pigeons have been chosen for their bloodlines & characteristics & are capable of flying hundreds of kilometres to find & return to their home loft.

My Dad kept pigeons and I today have a small racing flock of coloured pigeons and although some are valuable to me & racing folk they hold no commercial value as a product.

At my daughters' request, I undertook the work & expense to set-up a breeding flock to provide a flock of brilliantly white birds for their new ceremonial dove release business located here in Canberra.

In the process a system was designed and implemented and 2 breeding lofts house 15 pairs producing starter flocks of 20-30 young un-homed birds genetically capable of fulfilling the requirements of a ceremonial release bird.

Without waffling too much I had planned to sell any excess birds under Reid Lofts but never registered it. I have registered a business called ACT Doves. It's aim is to export from the territory to interstate startup dove release services.

I don't feel I need a dedicated website for the new business. I'm not trying to mass attract potential operators. Not only is it a niche business not suitable to everyone but I am limited in the young flocks I can produce in any given timeframe.

Starter flocks are ordered not purchased. As such there is an About meand an email contact where interested people can arrange a chat on the phone.

Now that I have bored everyone and probably of more interest to twitter users I'll finish with I engage in twitter more than any other media. I have decided to separate my @D_R_Reid feed from this. As such ACT Doves has its own twitter account. @ACTDoves

So for what will probably be mostly observations & pictures from around the lofts in Canberra hop on board.