Friday, October 25, 2013

Creek Gully

Above is my single capture from a recent trail camera setting in the proposed extension to the Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve on Corin Road. If you can pick it, it is the tail and hind leg of a feral fox motoring down the track...

Last Sunday I set the camera in what seemed to me to be just a track up a mountain gully with a small permanent creek. Worthy of a poke at seeing if there might be any quolls about so I selected a section close to the creek for four nights. Unfortunately it was quite windy over that time and the camera recorded 205 photographs and a corresponding number of 30 second videos of mostly false activations from moving foliage.

When I returned to pick up the camera I could see people perched on a rock feature in the distance and I pondered how long it would take them to get up there. When I checked the SD card I discovered how long...

Still dealing with health issues. My adventures at present are limited to some healthy walking.

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