Saturday, September 28, 2013

City Tiger Cat

Clippings from the Canberra Times of 1966 reporting the capture of a spotted tailed quoll in the Canberra suburb of Yarralumla. Once known locally as the Tiger Cat, the three clippings tell the tale of its capture in a bird cage, its handing over to the CSIRO in Belconnen and the subsequent calls to have the species protected. The animals are still seen on rare occurances in the suburbs of Canberra with the last being identified in Gowrie ACT a few months ago.

The Canberra Times - Saturday 2 April 1966

The Canberra Times - Tuesday 5 April 1966

The Canberra Times - Tuesday 26 April 1966


  1. I am sure that 1080 poison has had a big part to play in this animals demise, either by eating the baits directly or by eating the poisoned carcasses of other animals. Very sad.



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