Wanniassa Hills corridor quoll hunt

On June the 9th a solitary quoll was found dead near the underpass on Isabella Drive near Kellett Street Gowrie. This was an unusual find of a rare, mostly nocturnal, carnivorous marsupial in the suburbs of Canberra. I know of a sighting last year near the suburb of Lyons and an arboreal sighting in O'Connor in 2008. A few populations are I believe being studied in Namadgi National Park.
I camera trap regularly as a hobby and excuse to get out in the bush but have never set a trap in a populated area over concerns of theft but thought a stab in the dark near this recent Gowrie road kill would be a first step.
Looking at where the quoll was killed, unless it had navigated kilometers of suburban footpaths, indicated a corridor of habitat coming from the Wanniassa Hills nature reserve down into the Fadden Pines remnant plantation to where it met its demise. Stab in the dark but itrs the only thing that made sense to me.

Last Friday I set a ltl acorn trail camera set looking at a 50 cent chicken frame from the butchers...

I returned today to collect the camera. Everything was as how I left it minus the chicken frame...

So... no quolls captured on video but I did learn a little as a budding amateur quoll hunter. Using meat based baits effectively limits filming to night times. I was expecting visits by foxes because they are unfortunately very common in the ACT but did not expect the day long onslaught of currawongs, magpies and a raven who eventually secured the prize.

Its an interesting conundrum... females have smaller ranges than males and a male quolls range overlaps several females. Looking at the map he was a long way from Namadgi and separated by 20 km of suburbs. I'll have to think a little about this one before I proceed...

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