Sunday, July 14, 2013

Red Hands Cave - Blue Mountains

An early start on a beautiful day and a chance taken to escape Canberra's chill. I had read of the Blue Mountain's strong links with Aboriginal heritage. I have wanted to visit a particular site of significance for a while... A walk in the Blue Mountains today near Glenbrook to Red Hands Cave...

From the signage: Red Hands Cave has great significance to all Australians today. While knowledge of the original meaning of the hands has been lost, they remain a link with the Aboriginal People who have lived on this continent for at least 40,000 years - an incredible 2000 generations.

Each hand represents a once living person, and most, if not all, were placed here before Europeans settled in the Blue Mountains. They are therefore an irreplaceable part of Australia's cultural heritage.

A first glimpse...

The securely protected cave...

A series of photos secured through the cage... (click to enlarge)

One rock in the central rear floor is coloured with ochre. Artist's palate?

An outstanding experience.