Friday, June 14, 2013

Farewell to the Enlarged Cotter Dam tower cranes

From ACTEW YouTube the dismantling of the construction towers at the new Cotter Dam. Canberra Filmmaker Richard Snashall produces another great documentary showing the many facets of the effort. Pictured above is a photo taken some months ago...

"They became a familiar sight in the Cotter valley in recent years, but their service in the construction of the Enlarged Cotter Dam has come to an end. The three tower cranes have now been removed, and this film features the dismantling of number two. This sophisticated process involves a lot of planning and a well qualified team of people."

[Documentary maker Richard Snashall works with ACTEW Water to help us capture and document the Enlarged Cotter Dam and other water security projects for our Heritage Archive.]

Worker ants on the wall...

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