Saturday, April 6, 2013

Embassies on Stirling Park

I'm not a Yarralumla resident but I have been following the issue of Westlake for several years. I will be interested in the decision ... will it stay an open space for local residents or fulfill its purpose in a diplomatic district? Westlake could probably be described as Canberra's first suburb.

That is until 1965 when it was dismantled and nearly all traces removed. Westlake is now basically a large area of open space in the diplomatic suburb of Yarralumla, bordered by a small western ridge and vacant since 1965. The area has now been mooted for an additional nine embassies. Changing World I suppose.

The residents of Yarralumla are opposed... March 28, 2013

And a decision is due 'soon' by Territories Minister Catherine King... April 4, 2013

Everything you would want to know about Westlake, Stirling Park & Stirling Ridge...
Canberra Historian - Ann Gugler

What I know of the area and my thoughts about the Aboriginal artifacts on the Ridge....

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