Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wombats mating video

I love wombats I think they are terribly Canberran. Living peacefully and building homes and like Canberrans I am wary of wombats on mountain roads but by and large I find them a fascinating animal. Wombats are extremely common along the Murrumbidgee River and a short walk along any of its length will display the evidence of wombat burrowing. Fascinating marsupials.

I was staking out a few wombat burrows near Tharwa in relation to another matter and managed to capture a glimpse at romance in the Murrumbidgee corridor world. I have had the time recently to go through a little footage and I’m pretty sure I captured a pair mating mid last winter.

Its three minutes of what I’ll describe courtship and like a 70’s porn feature it leaves some to the imagination with inappropriate camera angles. Anyway I’m posting it here for the betterment of the Google search engine and for anyone actually researching or interested in footage of wombats mating in the wild.

Location: Murrumbidgee River... A little up river from the Tharwa Bridge reserve.


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