Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sunfoil Project

I have had to make some alterations to some pages I put up promoting a mate of mine's ‘Sunfoil project’. Every time the inventor mentions the Sunfoil on ABC radio one of my previous posts about it is inundated. It just shows to me the multitude of radio listeners who google after programs. I’m not going to try and explain the concept here and my efforts are aimed at pointing people to the inventor’s site.

I also try and help promote Chris’s work not only because he is a mate but also because he is not on the ‘internet’. No computer, no email, twitter or Facebook. He promotes his project through a prolific YouTube account via his old non android phone. He is swift in conversing through the YouTube message and comment system.

Basically Chris Wharton has developed a DIY solar accessory for vehicles that by reducing load off the alternator, can save up to 33% of fuel bills. There is of course also a direct reduction of carbon emissions.

Currently Glen Innes NSW holds the known record for Sunfoil installation numbering I believe 6 and the local auto electrician installs them but hey, this is free, and is available worldwide so who knows how many there actually are. I've built one. A 20Watt minimalist version. My Ford Explorer went from just over 5 km/ltr fuel consumption to over 7 km/ltr in a 2 month period…

Chris has an extensive playlist of design, construction and technical videos supported by data from 5 prototypes. Chris’s Sunfoil Playlist