Monday, January 28, 2013

Namadgi stalker revisited

This 10 second video capture has been on my mind lately. I'm planning on setting a camera back in the area. I targeted the area last year for a brief period but was put off returning after an experience that befell me that I didn't discover even happened until two weeks after.

I set a camera on the 3rd of May 2012 scoping a well used animal trail in what I thought a fairly unused area. The only nearby public access track separates the area and extends for 10 km or so. People as a rule do not leave the track unless experienced with map and compass and prepared to battle thick new growth every step of the way.

It was getting late, I was alone and knowing the spot well arrived, set the camera, turned and left. I was there literally minutes. I must emphasis I turned and left. I did not return until nearly two weeks later. Upon reviewing the camera's captures in the first video as I turned and left appeared a head. In fact is was lucky I even saw the video capture as it was late in the video and I usually delete the first few that capture me after setting.

Anyway this is the capture I was left with played, slowed and enlarged. Pig hunter, AFP black ops, Yowie or Axe murder he/she was only meters away from me without me knowing, which I would have thought impossible. Make of it what you will...