Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We are all pretty used to seeing Eastern grey kangaroos in roadside paddocks around Canberra. A bit of a paradise for them really, ample food and water and their only predators, particularly of the young, being cats, dogs and foxes.

It is thought that possibly half of all joeys migrating from 'pouch-ling' to 'foot-ling' will be taken by a feral predator. Things are pretty good in Canberra though for the Greys. In fact populations in the City's suburbs require periodic culling to maintain sustainable populations.

Only a few kilometres out of the Canberra City proper though things change. Where the vegetation turns dense and mountainous different macropod species begin to emerge in the bushland. Red necked wallabies, Wallaroo and Swamp wallabies dominate the forests leaving the open plains for their bigger cousins the Greys.

This video is a compilation of videos of these different species captured in the mountains of Namadgi National Park...

The cameo appearance from the feral fox, by judging photo timings, was probably on the trail of an earlier subject...

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