Sunday, June 10, 2012


I had set the camera out at Shanahan's Mountain on Wednesday 30th and collected it today so eleven days out. It always amazes me the consistency of red necked wallaby activity there and this is helping me learn the best heights and angles to place the camera. Its been a hit and miss affair so far.

This time around though seems to be getting close even though when I set the camera this time I thought the angle downward was too severe plus there is a play-off in capturing pictures first, then followed by video in the delay in-between each action. This time was set for 2 photos and 20 seconds of video.

Regardless the area is very rich in wallaby life and conspicuously absent of feral activity. Even the animal trails in the area show the obvious absence of pigs and I have not captured one fox or dog on camera.

I'm calling these little videos from Shanahan's the secret life of wallabies...