Monday, May 28, 2012


Some video I captured over the past week or so at the Australian Alps walking track down from Booroomba Rocks. I set out the camera on the 23rd May in a different area from the one I have been at...

Further north in Namadgi I seemed to be catching a lot of feral animal activity... out of any 5-9 day setting I would invariably capture a fox, dog or pig. South near Shanahan's Mountain though nothing more feral than a rabbit has showed its ears.

Just on a side note... Feral pigs are nothing new in the ACT and surrounding ranges. Ever since European man has been able to lose a pig they have been in the mountains. Historically in this area perhaps the man to heed is Mr. W.P Bluett of Brindabella who gives us a pretty good rundown of everything wild pig related in the region written in 1954.

Perhaps today the only warning we should heed from his words are his descriptions of wild pigs temperaments...

I had intended leaving the camera at the trail down from Booroomba Rocks for a few weeks but a few days after setting it I was alerted to an encounter with what I presume was a feral dog there.

On the offside chance that the trail camera had caught an Alsatian on film I went back after 5 days (cutting short a 3 week plan) to check but the dog failed to go anywhere near the camera at least. Out of 180 pictures and 20 second videos there were no signs of anything feral there at all in fact which is encouraging. 

My learner driver daughter spent the afternoon with me wallaby spotting and collecting the camera... The Bonjovi soundtrack of one wallaby was courtesy of the car radio...



  1. The Red Necked Wallaby appears to be the star of this one.
    Good one Dave.
    Regards, Keith.


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