Sunday, March 25, 2012


The picture above was taken when I first set a trail camera at Shanahan's Mountain two weeks ago. Using me for scale it shows a small area beside a well worn Wallaby track. I have discovered the pathway sees a lot of activity with one small patch of particular interest to multiple wallabies located near where the time and date stamp is.

All up over two weeks the camera recorded 180 photos and 10 second videos day and night. A lot were of heads, backs and tails just in frame and some were activation by tree movement or shadows I imagine. I wished I had angled the camera down more towards the track. Still learning...

The video below is a compilation of the best videos (10 seconds each). I left them in the order they were collected so you can follow the dates and times. Three species as far as I can tell... Lots of Red Necked Wallabies, A few Eastern Grey Kangaroos hopping through the background and what I think is a Black Wallaby but I could be wrong. Walleroo? Anyway I think its a bit of a highway...