Friday, February 24, 2012


I hadn't been out to Shanahan's Mountain since the middle of last year and I'm amazed at the undergrowth both saplings and grasses. Shanahan's has a walking trail that offers another great view at the mountain's summit. The walking trail carpark is located on Boboyan Rd. There is also a very modern viewing platform with an outstanding view just before the walking trail looking out over the Gudgenby Valley.

My purpose today was actually to set a trail camera to photograph the Shanahan's Mountain wildlife over the next few weeks but I stopped in to take a little video of the lookout and admire the view. I have also heard that YouTube is purging inactive accounts and I haven't posted a video in a while...

The photographs will be 16 mp resolution and the camera takes IR pictures and video at night. I'm hoping to eventually post some wildlife pictures from the area.

I wouldn't recommend the dirt section of Boboyan road for a standard car in its current condition.Some sections look long overdue a grader.

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