Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm a big fan of local film maker Richard Snashall's documentaries. In this video in his Alpine Stories series Richard interviews Dr Linda Broome, the world's leading authority on the rare Mountain Pygmy Possum (Burramys parvuswhich lives above the Australian snowline.

Interviewed at the Perisher ski resort (blue cow) they discusses the life cycle and habitat of the animal. Diet, ecosystem and the efforts being undertaken to preserve the species and the threats that they face today.

On a side note a different but similar species, the Eastern Pygmy Possum(Cercartetus nanuswas re-discovered in July last year in Namadgi National Park (post here). Both the Eastern and Mountain Pygmy Possum go into temporary hibernation during the winter. I think they are very similar but I'm sure there are many differences.

I present to you the Mountain Pygmy Possum Pt 1...

Richard's Youtube channel

If you like Richard's style he produced a series on Canberra's  history called the Stakeout of Canberra which I highly recommend also.


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