Monday, November 28, 2011


Ok we're three years into a Canberra with a resident parliament. Residents of the newly formed territory were denied rights of suffrage whilst nearby residents in NSW such as Queanbeyan retained all their commonwealth privileges. Enter the 'Vigilants of Canberra'. A society where Territory members identities were kept secret for fear of reprisals being represented by a Dr Alcorn in the capacity of liason person. I don't know what became of them but I suppose they were the forerunners of the self government the ACT not acquired till the 80's. The notion had to be started somewhere I reckon. Why not the Vigilants of Canberra?

The Advertiser - Friday 7 November 1930


Examiner - Wednesday 12 November 1930


The Horsham Times - Tuesday 18 November 1930


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