Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hello, I’m not back yet to regular posting but after a lovely morning on Red Hill I thought I would post this update. Paul, a friend and reader of this blog, and I went in search of a 19th century quarry on the western slopes of Red Hill. Paul, his wife Christine and myself walked from the lookout west down towards the trig point at first coming across a gaggle of Cunningham’s Skinks basking on what I thought at first may have been the old quarry, dismissed, but now I am left wondering. Cunningham's Skink image Wikipedia.

Paul has an amazing knowledge of the reptiles of the area which I know is attributable to it being his childhood playground eon’s ago and after a brief search of their habitat quickly pointed out the ‘colony’ of Cunninghams. One particularly friendly Blue Tongue Lizard was photogenic enough to say hello but the others were too well camouflaged to be seen on the video I shot. I still haven't found the old quarry...



  1. Good one. Have not seen a Blue tongue for ages.

  2. Have to admit before this I haven't seen one in a while either Keith. Cheers Dave


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