Monday, October 24, 2011


Simply because I collect Canberra's 'naming' opinion. I found this quite racist but historically indicative article to be interesting on two fronts. One for its, as always, different opinion but secondly for what appears to be the authors attempt at phonetic, I'm thinking reading shorthand, attempt to interpret the language such as 'woola' meaning 'asking'. 

I think if you read it 'phonetically' there is an example of the crossover of language but as for entry to the collection I'm pretty sure this man was not a local Aboriginal man because both respondents refer to Canberra, or 'Yan Burra' as being 'down there. Around the time of Old Parliament House's opening newspapers all over the country were exploiting any possible Canberra connection... but hey! its one for the collection.

I am a bit over constantly linking back to the collection as it has grown a tad too large but all are available using the search function in the right hand column... type: "naming"

The Brisbane Courier - Monday 4 July 1927


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