Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Something left field...

The common yabby (Cherax destructor) is a freshwater crustacean that is common in waterways, reservoirs and farm dams. Originally they would have been a warm season source of food for Aboriginal People and many people eat them cooked like a prawn however I prefer them deep fried battered with dipping sauces, my children are horrified.

I spent many an hour 'yabbying' as a teenager and a few years ago I took my teenagers out and caught a small yabby which my kids decided to keep as a pet in a 4 foot heated aquarium. The kids named her Abby the Yabby and two years later she is now about 20 cm long but I have read they can grow up to 30 cm.

This is some video I took today for a friend on YouTube while Abby was having a feed...