Wednesday, March 16, 2011


A few newspaper clippings about the discovery at Canberra of Black Marble in 1930. The 'discovery' was heralded as a future asset for the construction of what were to be grand administrative buildings in the National Capital. There is an old quarry on the bottom slope of Black Mountain just above the ANU maybe that's it.

I was only discussing recently on a Canberra forum about the ACT's natural resources. There has been talk recently of re-opening old gold workings in the south of the territory which would create the first real mineral based industry in the region. Perhaps we could re-establish a decorative black marble quarry/industry in Acton? Surely the National Museum and the ANU wouldn't mind...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 17 June 1930

The black marble's presence was apparently long known before these reports and used for a number of other things...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 23 June 1930

And it was reportedly of very high quality...

The Canberra Times - 14 July 1930

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