Sunday, February 20, 2011


A report of highway robbery in the Canberra region in 1865. Two robberies are mentioned in the article. The first committed at Paddy's River (Southern Highlands?) by a Richard Middleton, John Wilson and Thomas Tracey and the second by the more well known bushrangers Ben Hall, John Gilbert and John Dunn who held up W. Davis of Ginnindera somewhere between Goulburn and Gunderoo just north of Canberra...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 7 March 1865

As for Tracy, Middleton and Wilson the Goulburn Circuit Court accepted a plea of guilty and deferred sentence. 

(Queanbeyan Age and General Advertiser - 27 April 1865.)

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  1. Excellent post.

  2. It caught my eye Keith because we have a Paddy's river in the ACT. However I suspect it is the Southern Highlands river although the sentencing was reported in the Queanbeyan Age. Davis who was robbed by Ben Hall & co was from here however.


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