Wednesday, October 6, 2010


An article where the early history of Tidbinbilla and Uriarra is discussed. Apparently a feud existed between two early settlers, Mr Wright and Mr Webb, who both started as selectors (squatters) until the passing of the land act in 1861 when land could be selected and owned. Finally the correct spelling of Uriarra and the use of a large, flat heated rock for the cooking of Bogong Moths by the local Aboriginals is narrated.

Queanbeyan Age and Queanbeyan Observer - 29 May 1917

National Library of Australia (here)

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  1. The bogon moth feast as I understand it is a tradition still retained, but quantities of arsnic have been found in the moths in some areas, and they were trying to track down where the moths were coming from.
    Good post, thanks.

  2. I have not heard about the arsenic side of things Keith but Bogong Moths still make their annual pilgrimage to the Tinderry and Brindabella Mountains annually.

    In 1988 I was working at Parliament House and the lights on the building apparently attracted them from their course and Parliament was literally covered in moths. It forced them to turn the lights off.

    Cheers Dave


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