Friday, October 15, 2010


After years of persistent drought this rain is another sign that the drought has really broken...

I thought with all this dam filling rain the past few days that I would go down to the Murrumbidgee this morning to see how the river was faring and was rather unimpressed not even stopping to take a photo. My son wanted to test his new iPhone and with his learners permits displayed headed back down to be totally surprised at the flooding and subsequent road closure an hour or so later...

The video below was taken by my son and shows the torrent flowing strongly across the low-level concrete bridge that spans its usual peaceful flow past the popular recreational area. The road beyond accesses the west, south/west rural and mountain areas of the Territory...

I have a post with what the crossing looks like normally (here)

These photos were sent to me by a friend off his mobile of the usually peaceful drains in the Lanyon area rushing with water...

The weir at the southern end of Lake Tuggeranong, a recreational "settling lake for storm water before entering the Murrumbidgee River...

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  1. It'll give the place a good flush Dave. Needs it after all this time!

  2. It's brilliant Pete... I was beginning to think my teenagers would never see a real river or creek flowing! Your right a good old flush out.

  3. Good pics, lovely to see so much flowing water. It is a bit like that here at present, plenty of rain, but today it is snowing!

  4. Its sleeting in parts of Canberra today too Keith. Last blast I imagine before it heats up. Cheers.


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