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Memories of today's Canberra and Duntroon in the 1870's from a resident. The unidentified author G.C.P. describes the region in context to the views of the "bush" of the day referencing the balladeers Henry Lawson (bio) and "Banjo" Patterson (bio) in difference to the perception of the Limestone Plains and the interior.

Duntroon 1870

Beginning in youth as an extra to the horse-drawn mail-run G.C.P. describes a time of English settlement, shearing, the water system and more all with a distinct eloquence in his descriptions...

The Sydney Morning Herald - 7 January 1911

National Library of Australia (here)

UPDATE: Lynn Commented:

"GCP" may have been a local grazier from Cuppacumbalong, George Cameron Perry Circuitt. With those fairly unusual initials I am guessing it was him? He sure could write beautifully!

He was married to Ethel and they had four children; Kate (Kitty), Richard (Dick) Edward (died WW1) and Barbara.

He retired to Moss Vale and died there in 1954. 

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