Sunday, September 5, 2010


Never popular the first modern, self-igniting match was invented in 1805 by K. Chancel, assistant to Professor Louis Jacques Thénard of Paris. They were ignited by dipping the tip of the match in a small asbestos bottle filled with sulfuric acid.

The first "friction match" was invented by English chemist John Walker in 1826. So what did the first explorers, squatters and settlers of the Limestone Plains use to make fire?

This video from my learned friend Keith Burgess (Le Loup) of The Woodsrunners Diary demonstrates the use of steel, flint and tinder to make fire conveniently and easily...  if you know how...

Le Loup's Historical Trekking and Living History blog is (here)
His YouTube Channel with more tinder fire-making methods is (here)

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  1. Thanks Dave, much appreciated. You are welcome at my camp fire anytime.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Cheers Keith. I hope people find it as interesting as I did.


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