Saturday, September 4, 2010


Colour Video - Footage of the Molonglo River in front of Old Parliament House in colour before Lake Burley Griffin was filled. The video also shows a 1950's Australia's interest in the Queens visit...

Queen Elizabeth and Prime Minister Menzies 1954

"The Queen visits Canberra, the capital and opens the 1954 session of Parliament in the old Parliament building. The Queen wears the same dress she had worn during her Coronation ceremony in the UK. Restored film, now in Widescreen and Stereo sound".

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  1. The Queen's visit was two years before I was born, but it is touching to see the way we welcomed her, the way everyone listened to her speech by radio, and the glimpses across the plains (where Lake Burley Griffin now lies) to the War Memorial. History like that must never be lost, it's a real treasure! Thanks Dave!

  2. Wonderful video Lynn. My parents tried to explain what early Canberra was like. We originally lived at Duntroon and the Lake was filled a year after I was born. Cheers Dave.


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