Saturday, September 11, 2010


Built in the 1860's the Orroral homestead was built for Archibald and Mary McKeahnie for their grazing property in the Orroral Valley, south/west Australian Capital Territory. The building consists of three rooms made of vertical timber slabs with stone walls and chimney at either end of the rectangular structure. The homestead has a full length veranda. The Stockyard and woolshed were built for Andy Cunningham in the 1930's. This video shows The Homestead and woolshed of the restored property...

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  1. Interesting video, thanks. It kept jamming for some reason and I had to keep the cursor moving over the video to keep it moving! Never had that before.

  2. Must be YouTube Keith.
    I think I might follow you and purchase a video camera. For people who cannot get to some of these locations and would not experience the places otherwise these videos are excellent. Cheers Dave


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