Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The booklets from the series "The Keys to Canberra's History" are now available for download. The Canberra centenary website (here) has just released a series of five history booklets which explore Canberra's early history as the national capital. The booklets were written by three well-known and respected Canberra historians who fill significant gaps in Canberra's early history.

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Dr David Headon, Mr Greg Wood and Mr Ian Warden relate undiscovered stories and highlight little known historical moments, people and decisions that created the new national capital.

  • Canberra - The Community That Was
     Mr Greg Wood; (PDF 3.8MB)(download)
  • Canberra - Crystal Palace to Golden Trowels
     Dr David Headon; ( PDF 5.15MB)(download)
  • Canberra - Think of it! Dream of it! In six snapshots
    Mr Ian Warden; (PDF 3.87MB)(download)
  • Canberra - Maps and Makers
     Mr Greg Wood; (PDF 4.13MB)(download)
  • Canberra - Those Other Americans
     Dr David Headon. (PDF 5.53MB)(download)

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