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A video of a British Pathe newsreel dated March 1965 showing the opening of the Royal Australian Mint in Canberra by the Duke of Edinburgh (bio) as Australia moved to decimal currency.

The title reads: "DUKE OPENS MINT". Canberra, Australia. L/S the new mint. C/U crest above door. M/S Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) arriving for official opening. C/U pan ditto.

Interior; the Duke walks into the mint. L/S ditto. L/S Duke starting coin press. Panning shot one of the presses. C/U new decimal coins going down chute. C/U presses coins coming through chute. M/S Duke inspecting coins. Pan L/S ditto. C/U coins coming through another chute.

M/S Duke walking in the coin museum. C/U some of the coins. M/S Duke inspecting coins. C/U an 1809 "Holey Dollar". C/U ingot currency from the 19th Century. C/U two 1855 sovereigns. C/U box of new decimals coins which were presented to the Duke. C/U ditto.


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The Royal Australian Mint website is (here)

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