Friday, May 21, 2010


I have recently come across another Indigenous Australian group's claim of traditional ownership of the lands of the present day Australian Capital Territory. The Lundy family members of the Ngarigu have a claim pending in the Federal Court of Australia.

Their Claim: (Ngarigu) The Traditional owners of the Manaroo, the Limestone Plains and the Southern Alps regions of New South Wales and Australian Capital Territory are the Ngarigu Language Group. We are currently undertaking a Ngarigu Dialect Boundary claim in the Federal Court with the aim of the recognition of our ancestry and culture throughout the region.

The Monaro Plains begin about the location of Michelago in NSW. This is roughly the southern edge of the political border established with the founding of the Australian Federal Territory in 1911. It appears the Ngambri and Ngunnawal peoples do not dispute the Monaro's traditional ownership however.

The Ngarigu website is (here) and for those not keeping up the Ngambri People are also claiming ownership (post here). The ACT Government's accepted people are the Ngunnawal who don't appear to have a website so there is a Wikipedia article (here).

Interesting times...

'Aboriginal, Monaro District' (circa ?)

National Library of Australia (here)