Thursday, May 6, 2010


Before the Federal Capital in 1911 this area was known as the Wanniassa Bull Paddock and was the site of two homesteads. Henry Thomas Oldfield was the first to lease this land from the Federal Capital Authority. Athllon was the name given to the homestead and the surrounding property. Athllon replaced an early timber structure that was burned down in a bushfire (1952).

Sheep grazing was the mainstay of Athllon but it also kept beef and dairy cattle, pigs and grew wheat, oats and lucern. The only water supply was a nearby creek. There is an excellent interview with Harry Oldfield about life at Athllon by Margaret Park here (pdf)

Nothing but a few old fences and mature trees in a square around the old house site remains. The site has signage next to the Hall. It is located at the rear of the Gowrie Scout Hall...

The block with mature trees..

Old fence post...


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